Talk at Oxford University

I gave a talk today at the Center for Neural Circuits and Behaviour at Oxford University. Though I spent over two years in Cambridge I was only in Oxford once before—and that was literally just to stop at the Eagle and Child. So, this is my first proper visit to Oxford, and I'm enjoying it very much.

The audience was diverse, as many people at CNBC are doing theoretical work or work in nonhuman systems (including both ferrets and *drosophila*—fruit flies). If I'm not mistaken there were so some folks from Experimental Psychology and FMRIB. I tried to give an overview of recent work on the role of ongoing oscillations in speech perception, and connect this with a somewhat separate line of research showing that degraded or noisy speech requires additional cognitive resources. The lines between these two bodies of research are tentative but also tantalizing. In any case, it's been a great visit and I'm already looking forward to returning!