We make as many of our stimuli available online as possible. Each stimulus set has a README file that contains a general description of the methods, and licensing information in a LICENSE file. Licenses are generally CC-attribution-noncommercial, meaning you are free to use anything for noncommercial purposes as long as you cite it. However, please check the LICENSE file distributed with each set of stimuli.

Each set has a README in the top level which is worth reading before downloading any of the files.

(If your web browser has difficulty downloading zip folders, you may want to try a command-line tool such as wget. On a Mac you can install wget with Homebrew by typing: brew install wget — once you install Homebrew, that is.)

Please let us know if you run into any problems downloading the stimuli.


Modernized versions of Aesop's fables, edited to be 60–80 words long (around 20–30 seconds). Full recordings of 74 fables, text of an additional 100 or so.


Ward CM, Rogers CS, Van Engen KJ, Peelle JE (2016) Effects of age, acoustic challenge, and verbal working memory on recall of narrative speech. Experimental Aging Research 42:126–144.