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IIG: Tissue Class Segmentation

Topics: Tissue Class Segmentation

Location: Ogura Lecture Hall (9th floor of the McMillan Building)


  • Segment all T1 images in the example dataset

  • Use Check Reg to verify that the resulting segmentations are sensible

  • Advanced: Pick a subject and segment their brain using two sets of options. Use ImCalc to subtract the images and view the difference. Are the segmentations identical? Which do you think is more accurate?

Helpful Readings:

Ashburner J, Friston KJ (2005) Unified segmentation. NeuroImage 26:839-851.

Ashburner J, Friston KJ (2009) Computing average shaped tissue probability templates. NeuroImage 45:333-341.

Avants BB, Tustison NJ, Wu J, Cook PA, Gee JC (2011) An open source multivariate framework for n-tissue segmentation with evaluation on public data Neuroinformatics 9:381-400.

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