Places to stay

The medical campus is in the Central West End part of Saint Louis; 517 South Euclid Ave is a good address to use. It is near a Metrolink (train) stop, so anywhere along the train line is also relatively convenient. Popular locations away from campus include Clayton and Downtown Saint Louis. As always best to check TripAdvisor before booking. :)

Accommodation near the medical campus

  • The Parkway Hotel is essentially on the medical campus. Very convenient location, basic accommodation frequently used by patients' families and campus visitors.
  • The Chase Park Plaza is an upscale hotel 15-20 minutes walk away.
  • I have never stayed at Elves Manor B&B but it looks charming! And it's near The Scottish Arms.

Accommodation near the "regular" campus

  • The Knight Conference Center is located on the Danforth (undergraduate) campus.
  • The Moonrise Hotel is located a 10-minute walk from the campus in the Loop neighborhood, near a couple of very fine coffee shops and nightlife.