Example RDMs from Clarke & Tyler (2014) 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2828-13.2014

I'm looking for a postdoc with experience in analyzing fMRI data to work on RSA projects in the context of speech perception. There is quite a bit of flexibility in the specifics, but broadly it would probably involve looking at how acoustic word representations are affected by putting speech in noise, or in participants with hearing loss. (You could imagine that the representational spaces for acoustic forms are smaller and distinctiveness is difficult with less acoustic detail.)

To be successful you must have solid experience with fMRI data analysis; ideally, with RSA. All analyses will be scripted, so being comfortable with a programming language (such as Matlab) is important.

Postdocs are training opportunities and I will work hard to support you in developing skills that you would like to improve (which can include RSA and Matlab), and in furthering your career.

Prior experience doing speech or language studies is not required, although it would be nice. There are a lot of straightforward, but important, studies we can do in the realm of speech that could likely link to other interests and I'm happy to discuss how this might work.

Saint Louis is a great city (I've made a map of some favorite places), and Washington University is a fantastic place for cognitive neuroscience. The lab is friendly and supportive (and we have at least tea twice per week).

The timing of the position is flexible. It's much more important to me that I get the right person, then someone soon, so please don't let timing stand in your way.

Please get in touch if you are interested—send me a CV and a script (any language) of an fMRI analysis.