The information below has been compiled by former lab members—you should always verify the current details with your program administrator. There may also be other courses or mechanisms to get academic credit for your time in the lab. If you come across one that isn't listed here, or any errors, please let me know!

1. Bio 200/500

Which major programs accept this kind of credit?

  • Biology
  • PNP
    • unconfirmed: the department might have additional requirements (students might have to write some sort of paper describing what they accomplished)
    • Ms. Kimberly Mount ( should be able to provide additional information.

Is this course taken for credit or pass/fail?

  • Only offered as a pass/fail course.

How do students apply?

  • An online "pre-application" opens up at some point during the summer. This must be completed prior to submitting a formal application.
  • The application itself consists of a 1-2 page project proposal and generic contact info.
    • The project proposal guidelines as of 2014:
      • A research description must be included at the time you are submitting your full application.  The 1-2 page proposal should be written by you, but with input and assistance from your faculty mentor.  It should include at least one paragraph on each of the following:

                        -- Project Background (e.g., what are the broad biological questions that are being addressed and the and the specific hypotheses to be tested)

                        -- Project Description (e.g., what are the general methods to be used, experimental design, laboratory tools/techniques, etc.);

                        -- Project Goals (e.g., anticipated outcomes of your project).

  • Ms. Jessica Ochoa seems to be the main contact for students who have questions.

When should the application be submitted?

  • For the fall semester of 2014, the deadline for submission was September 12.


2. Psych 500 / Ling 500 

  • You should be able to sign up for a "Peelle" section of each. For linguistics, let me know if you sign up, because I need to confirm with the department.


3. MBB 300

What major programs accept this kind of credit?

  • PNP
    • completes the MBB "integration"

Is this course taken for credit or pass/fail?

  • credit
    • pass/fail alternative might be available

How do students apply?

  • The MBB research portion is only available to students who participated in the program as freshmen. The application process (which consists almost entirely of sending a few e-mails) should be made clear to MBB students by the end of their freshman year.

When should the application be submitted?

  • Unconfirmed: the most important e-mails are exchanged at the end of the first year of the MBB program.