Director: Dr. Jonathan Peelle

Jonathan Peelle

Dr. Peelle is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology at the Washington University School of Medicine. His research is focused on how the brain understands spoken language. His many superpowers include listening to 80s rock bands when he thinks no one is listening. He has also been known to take liberties when describing people in his lab, so it is probably best to take their bios (and any parenthetical comments) with a grain of salt.

Personal website:

CV (PDF version): PeelleCV.pdf

Staff Scientist

Chad Rogers, PhD

Chad Rogers is a Staff Scientist in the Peelle lab. His research concerns how aging impacts the ability to remember and perceive spoken language. Chad is overly proud of his stimuli recording abilities because he's been recording as a basement rock musician since he was in high school. Outside of music and science, Chad loves basketball, cycling, brewing beer, and traveling.

Graduate students

Aahana Bajracharya

Aahana is a PhD student in the neuroscience program. She did her undergraduate work at Wesleyan College where she majored in neuroscience and applied mathematics. Aahana is from Kathmandu, Nepal, and fluent in 4.5 languages (you'll have to guess which ones). Aahana has promised to bake tasty treats for lab meetings, making her the most popular PhD student in the lab.

Jonathan Hirst

Jonathan is an AuD student at the University of Florida and is participating in the lab via the NIH T35 Research Traineeship for the summer. He is originally from Miami and is a bilingual Spanish-English speaker. He enjoys watching movies, cooking and playing with his cats with a red laser pointer.

Brianne Noud

Brie is a graduate student in the Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences at Wash U School of Medicine. She is originally from Kansas City and an avid fan of the Royals, Sporting KC, and KU Jayhawks. She likes to hike, camp, kayak, run — basically anything that involves being outside. She is obsessed with her Malti-Poo named Potter. And if you didn’t already pick up on this, she is a huge fan of Harry Potter and a former seeker on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team.

Research assistants

Michael Jones, PhD

Mike switched to neuroscience after a brief career in structural engineering and the software industry. Before joining the Peelle lab, he studied the brain one neuron at a time, first as a grad student at the University of Colorado and then as a postdoc at Saint Louis University. Outside the lab, Mike can be found riding his Trek, nursing his obsolete MacBooks (cat-themed OS X > outdoor-themed OS X), and writing math and science articles for his obscure website.

Sarah McConkey

Sarah is a research assistant and the lab manager for the Peelle Lab. She loves horror movies, ferments, and cats. Formerly a pastry cook and confectioner, she enjoys creating things that make you go hmmm.

Darcy Camp

Darcy is a Saint Louis native and a recent graduate from Macalester College in Saint Paul, MN. She loves music, being outdoors, spanish, and skateboarding. Ultimately Darcy would like to use neuroscience to find out what on earth is wrong with people's brains who don't enjoy rap music.

Undergraduate students

Ilex Beltran-Najera

Ilex is a Psychology student at San Diego State University minoring in Gerontology. She is participating in the Peelle Lab via the Leadership Alliance and APA summer research internship. She enjoys spending her time outside of the lab practicing her yoga, reading, and cuddling with her two dogs.

Hayley Clocksin

Hayley is a senior from Aurora, CO majoring in cognitive neuroscience with a minor in linguistics and anthropology. She enjoys skiing, cooking, and watching horror movies. Her skills include playing water polo and becoming overly excited when she sees a cat (which, sadly, does not happen very often during water polo).

Diana Hsiao

Diana grew up in Taipei, Taiwan and is currently a student at Wash U majoring in biology and minoring in modern dance and French. She loves to travel, dance, and make music playlists. She hopes to one day own a Scottish fold (which Dr. Peelle had to Google to figure out it's a kind of cat).

Connor Perkins

Connor is a senior from southern Illinois double majoring in Biology and Philosophy. He enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time outdoors. His skills include drawing Snapchat masterpieces and not asking for directions while traveling (which presumably helps him spend more time outdoors).

Sabrina Wang

Sabrina is a Las Vegas native double majoring in Biology-Neuroscience and International and Area Studies. Passionate about science, politics, and art, she spends her time outside of the lab writing for the Washington University Political Review and reviewing submissions for the Spires Intercollegiate Arts and Literary Magazine. She hopes to one day go to medical school.

Zhenchen Zhu

Zhenchen is a postbac premedical student at Wash U. His dream is to attend medical school in US. He got his Bachelor's degree in China majoring in electrical engineering, and a biomedical engineering Masters degree at Cornell University. He loves outdoor sports such as tennis, basketball, hiking, and skiing.



Gary is one of the more committed members of the lab, rarely leaving. Although he is not a particularly skilled typist, the lab appreciates Gary's presence and the fact that he never utters a disparaging word.