In this position you will be analyzing MRI data on a cluster using Matlab scripts (specifically, aa), so some background in Matlab programming is essential.

fMRI data are collected as 3D volumes. Typically one volume every 1-3 seconds, for a period of time. A typical fMRI dataset will have one or more "runs", each of which is a 4D dataset (3D volume x time). The files can be saved as multiple 3D files, or a single 4D file. The current standard file format is Nifti (*.nii).

Prior to being considered for an interview, please:

  1. Download fMRI dataset 003 from

  2. Write a commented Matlab script that does at a minimum the following:
    a. Reads in the timeseries of images for at least one subject
    b. Plots the timecourse of one voxel
    c. Plots the average signal at each time point

  3. Send me the script which I'll run.

(Of course, anything additional you want to add would be welcome.)