The goal of the IIG is to have a regular forum where neuroimagers can discuss proposals for new projects, analysis of existing data, and methodological issues (old or new).  Our primary focus is on functional and structural MRI but this may expand to other modalities if there is sufficient interest.

The online schedule should be up to date, and I will send out occasional reminders to the email list.




Meeting time and location

For 2018-2019, IIG meetings are most Wednesdays from 1pm-2pm (but please check the calendar).

Our standard meeting place is on the medical campus, in the Ogura Lecture Hall on the 9th floor of the McMillan Building. (As you can see from the online medical campus map, McMillan is just across from the Central West End metrolink stop). 

Meetings are informal so please feel free to drop in late, only attend occasionally, etc. We'll be happy to have you!


Mailing list

There is an IIG mailing list:

which will have announcements about meetings. If you are interested in attending IIG meetings at all, please join this mailing list.

Please email me ( (but remove the "123")) if you need help figuing out the mailing list options.

Project proposals

These are intended to allow researchers to receive feedback on a proposed imaging project before data collection:

  • It is expected that the project will have been discussed and planned prior to IIG so that we can discuss formed project ideas, rather than brainstorm.
  • IIG discussion will focus mostly on methodological issues. Are there sufficient numbers of trials, and participants? Will the proposed design and analyses adequately address the research question? Some background is needed to set the stage, but the idea is to focus on experimental design and analysis rather than this history of people who have examined this topic.Feedback should be constructive and supportive. This is a friendly forum in which to discuss science.

Project proposals will typically involve a slide presentation and should last 10-15 minutes, leaving 10-15 minutes for discussion.

Analysis discussion

These provide an opportunity to discuss theoretical or real analysis challenges or questions. This could be a real dataset that is being problematic, or perhaps a broader theoretical issue ("what is the best way to correct for motion in resting state analyses?"). It is expected that whoever is bringing the question will have done some homework on various approaches to the issue (e.g., other papers, mailing lists for analysis packages, etc.) and summarize them as a way to open up discussion.

Paper discussion

We can walk through a methods or experimental paper together. Like a journal club!

Scheduling a presentation

To reserve a time for either a project proposal or analysis discussion, please email me: (but remove the "123").